About the Conference

Stewardship is a key to life. When we look at stewardship many areas come to mind. First there is money or treasure, but also time and talent. And one can also consider creation, relationships, and even discipleship

"There is no shortage of money in the church. There is a shortage of good stewardship. One of the obvious needs of congregations and of denominations is to overcome financial crises. Yet, the great predicament in the church is not a lack of finances, but a lack of stewardship understanding and training in God's Word, which alone provides the direction and power for Christian giving. Provide a person with understanding, and he (or she) will likely make a proper response through the Spirit's guidance."

Waldo J. Werning in Christian Stewards: Confronted and Committed (St. Louis: Concordia, 1982), p. 1. 
(Posted with permission from Generosity Monk)

There are few places and avenues to study stewardship and especially learn from one another. Many authors and students of stewardship and sensing God speak through them to bring this generation back to biblical stewardship.

The Stewardship Summit is designed for all learners. Whether a writer, researcher, pastor, teacher, and every type of learner, YOU are welcome to the Summit.

This will be a unique event. It will be a time of presentations and following discussions.  There will be no judging, nor an exhibit hall. This is not a new organization to join or pay dues.

Do not be intimidated! You may be a pastor, professor, published author, leading a small church or part of large church, a para-church development officer or a lay leader, all have a contribution to the message of stewardship.