Register to be a Presenter

Attendees may submit topics/white papers to be presented ahead of time to Lead Facilitator who along with Advisory Council will choose those to be presented at Summit.  Those papers selected will be sent to all registered participants ahead of Summit.

White paper length: maximum 10 pages double-spaced, with additional page for bibliography.

Those chosen will have 45 minutes to present with 45 minutes for discussion. Topics will not include fund raising, resource development, or "how to" formats.

Format: two days of white paper presentations with discussions.

Areas of focus/ white paper topics
A.  Stewardship Trends and Impact
B.  Biblical Stewardship teaching/research
C.  Stewardship application in the local church
D.  Stewardship application in para-church organizations

NOTE: Topics would include money, generosity, and giving. But also creation care, relationships, and other holistic stewardship topics.

To begin the process, fill out the Presenter Application here.